23 September 2009

Bye to Aliza

Dear Aliza - it was great to see you again! Thanks for all your good care!

16 September 2009

Rosh Hashana Party and Farewell to Miryam...

Bye to Miryam and thanks so much for all the good work you did with the children.

Our young stars!!

13 September 2009

Thanks to Thomas and his Sister...

Thanks go to Thomas and his Sister for bringing us the pictures and toys for the children. Also a special warm thanks for the lovely letter that came with it!

Pictures will come soon...

'Sunshine' - the new name for our first class in St Vincent

Susu, the class teacher, and Andi [a volunteer nurse from room 1b], snoezeling with the class in the snoezelen!

Yes! We finally have a name for our first class in St Vincent - Sunshine!
'Sunshine' was opened for the children who have graduated from our school HaMaayan.
It really is a 'sunshine' for the children, who take part in jakuzzi, snoezelen, dog therapy,story-time, and art therapy every week.

08 September 2009

An unusual farewell to our Franciscans and to Johanna

We had an unusual farewell ...
and thank Alberto and David and Brother Anthony for all the good work they did with the children!
Johanna my dear - we will miss you terribly - thanks for all your good, patient,understanding work with the children

06 September 2009

A warm wellcome to:

Tamara, Monique and Angi!